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Wellness Workshops


Are people struggling in your community?


The Dene Wellness Warriors can develop and deliver a number of Workshops

specific to your Community’s needs, including:

  • Legacy of Indian Residential Schools

  • Sharing Circles

  • Grief & Loss

  • Healing with Laughter

  • Effects of Addictions

  • Lateral Violence

  • Guilt & Shame

  • Finding Forgiveness

  • Toxic to Healthy Relationships

  • Your Health & Nutrition

  • Tobacco Cessation

  • Indigenous Awareness Training

  • Self-Esteem

  • Finding Balance through Meditation

  • Healing Through Art, Music & Dance

  • Celebrating You

  • Team Building

  • Effective Communication

  • Managing Finances & Stress

  • Challenging Limiting Beliefs

We offer One, Two, Three or Five-Day Workshops.​



“Roy & Jean are open and honest and clear communicators…are approachable, fun, and knowledgeable.”


“They created a safe environment, are friendly, and accommodating…”


“I believe this workshop can help a lot of people…It would help them see things differently and help them with pain and addictions.”


“Overall, I enjoyed my experience and the information I learned will be useful to me on my road to recovery.I think this was a small step towards my healing journey.”


The Dene Wellness Warriors are here for you.

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